So who are Rye’s candidates

Rye town hall

Every member of the electorate is entitled to know who they are voting for, and with this in mind, Rye News has asked all 24 candidates in the two elections (Town Council and District Council) next week to tell us a bit about themselves.

With only one exception all have done this and you find will the full list of Rye Town Council candidates here and  Rother District Council candidates here, with links to their individual pages. This includes the one candidate from whom, despite three requests, we received no reply, so other than the name, there will sadly be no information about her.

Rye News does, of course, serve not only the Town, but a wide area around it. It simply has not been possible to cover all the town, parish and district council candidates outside the Rye ward in the same way, however Charles Harkness has compiled a list of names of District Council candidates with a brief biography against each, which we hope will be of assistance.

There could be more voting this year with elections to the European Parliament looking more likely as each day passes and maybe even a general election before the year is out.

If that was not enough, let us not forget referendums. There is a referendum to be held on the Neighbourhood Plan, and there is slowly-growing momentum for a second referendum for something called Brexit, although what questions would be asked are a matter of conjecture at the moment.

So check out the location of your local polling station and get ready to make it a regular event.

Image Credits: Rye News library .


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