Rye election hustings

Come to the hustings

Churches Together in Rye & District have arranged a hustings on Tuesday next, November, 26, 7pm to 8:30pm, in St. Mary’s parish church, Rye. It will be chaired by the Rector, Canon David Frost. The candidates of the three main parties have agreed to take part, and we are attempting to contact the independent.

Each is invited to make a five-minute statement, and then answer pre-submitted questions. These can be emailed to the secretary at richardorchard41@yahoo.co.uk, or brought to church up to 6:55pm on Tuesday.

Image Credits: Rye News library .


  1. The Rother Environmental Group AGM, which was to have been at St Mary’s Centre on Tuesday 7pm, has now been postponed to Tuesday 28th January 2020, same time and venue. The hustings are an excellent opportunity to find out how each candidate would address the climate and ecological crisis we are facing. Business as usual is no longer an option.

  2. Having just received the Labour party candidate’s “Rye and the villages election news” it is amazing that it is entirely silent about the problems of the Marsh Line, saying only “Labour will bring the railways into public ownership and end the chaos, inefficiency and escalating fares imposed on us by private rail companies”.What a joke.

  3. The joke is that we had a Tory MP who, in case you have forgotten, was the Minister for Energy and Climate Change. A woman who said she was going to sort out local transport and the rail links, “bang heads together” over the now abandoned dispute between Tesco and Sainsbury, and deal with a local development of a housing project. None of these were achieved. I wonder why Rudd is not standing again? Has she realised that she has no chance of winning this seat? And might that be because she did nothing for her constituents? Wasn’t Rudd in a position of power to make a change for local people – if so she failed. As Betty Davis might have said “What a joke”.


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