Rye knows how to party!

Rye revelled amidst elebrations for the Platinum Jubillee last weekend

Well, what a fabulous weekend! The weather was kind, the mood was uplifting, the country pulled together and proved to the rest of the world what makes Britain great. The national TV coverage of the jubilee celebrations in London was superb, from the dazzling and seemingly effortless procession along the Mall, the immaculate and beautifully executed Trooping the Colour on Horse Guards Parade, the moving service in Westminster Abbey and that was just for starters!

The fly past in the figure of 70 was a definite showstopper, backed up by the perfect symmetry of the Red Arrows with their red, white and blue plumes of smoke. The interviews all day with a host of celebrity performers and then to top it all, Her Majesty The Queen in conversation with Paddington Bear as they compared marmalade sandwiches, were all unbelievable!!

Next, followed the concert of all concerts with a seemingly never ending array of A-list stars, past and present, performing live to a worldwide audience of millions. What a spectacle and what an amazing lighting display with some very poignant moments, particularly from Sir David Attenborough and HRH the Duke of Cambridge. Not to be outdone, Prince Charles made reference to “mummy” in his heartfelt speech.

Here at home, Rye was also in party mood with street parties, lunches and celebrations all over town. I’m sure there are many images which will come forward in due course but here are a selection of photos from two fabulous parties, one on Tilling Green and one on Watchbell Street. It’s so nice to see people enjoying themselves and getting back to normal.

Image Credits: Caroline Everett .


  1. Well of course for all the partygoers invited to tilling Green,and the community centre it was a cracking jubilee weekend for them, but wait a minute what about the rest of the towns people what was in it for them,sadly nothing unless they pretended to be a tourist. We have lost the old town Salts, the focal point for local activities for years on end,too an overgrown wilderness, and now just suitable for a dogs toilet, as towns and villages celebrated with all ages,once again others were not invited to celebrate the weekend. Shame on you Rye Town Council.

  2. It looks as though that party took a lot of hard work, it was refreshing to see pictures of faces I’ve known for 70 years enjoying themselves.
    There were street parties in Rye but they don’t organise themselves, obviously not in your area John.

  3. Yes Tony I fully understand your point, with new winchelsea Road,being on the main A259,and the restricted cul-de-sac at the end, it was difficult to hold a street party in our area.i do understand how hard Chris Emson and her team worked for the residents of tilling Green,and the party at the community centre, whether I’m right or wrong,I was told these party’s were invite only,and as you say good to see our friends,the real Ryers having a great time at tilling Green, but why were others invited too both party’s, was it for the privileged few, surely others in the town should have been invited, why is there such a divide in this town, and why couldn’t Rye Town Council have had an open picnic party for all towns folk, bringing their own picnics to a venue in Rye,just like towns and villages surrounding us.

  4. John – Why should the Town Council organise street parties? Surely the point is about bringing small groups of neighbours together not an event for the whole town.
    I was invited to Ashenden Avenue’s party which was a lot of fun and organised by the residents. They had a bbq, bouncy castle, games and of course plenty of grub and drink. We don’t need the Town Council to get involved!

  5. I agree with Steve. We had a bash down Tillingham Avenue. It was always the case that streets organised their own parties.


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