Skinners roundabout featured again

Skinners roundabout, out of bounds to traffic, temporarily.

Last week Rye News ran an article which featured the former Skinners roundabout. It prompted some of our readers to consider renaming it, now the former car showroom has been demolished. This week the roundabout is in the news again but for a different reason.

According to Highways England, drainage repairs were needed on the section of the A259 between Skinners roundabout and its opposite number, the Kettle O’ Fish roundabout which meant the southbound and northbound carriageway had to be closed on Tuesday night from 8pm to 6am as shown in the photograph.

A259 closed in both directions at Skinners roundabout

Any closure of the A259 in Rye is bound to cause disruption but at least the work was done overnight this time so the inconvenience was kept to a minimum and if the drains need fixing, they need fixing.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


  1. Return to original name of ‘Bryan’s whom were there long before roundabouts were thought of & served petrol across the pavement on the Fishmarket ‘T’ junction to New Road ,, I think the round-about went in approx 1972 same time as the ‘Gas Works ‘T ‘ Junction became one ..

    • Hi Paul long time no see. We have an original key fob circular with a Union Jack & Bryans across the centre.
      All the best J&C

  2. On Wednesday, the 8th of September traffic chaos at skinners roundabout again I live in fishmarket Road where I have lorries at a standstill pumping fumes into my house I’ve contacted both the highways England and power UK to find out why they have left a hole with no one working.I have made contact with the parish Council. NOT INTERESTED. All The while 5 mile tailbacks to camber it’s an absolute joke.


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