Tories hold East Sussex


The results for the East Sussex County Council Elections are now in and the overall figures are as follows:

Conservative                  30   (21)

Liberal Democrat           11   (10)

Labour                               4   (7)

UKIP                                  0   (6)

Greens                               0   (did not stand))

Various Independents    5   (5)

The figures in brackets are the number of seats held prior to the election.


In our local area (Rye and Eastern Rother) the results are:

Conservative                  1,697 votes

Labour                               641

Liberal Democrat            318

UKIP                                  204

Greens                               197

Keith Glazier, therefore, retains his seat as our local County Councillor

The Conservatives have increased their seats to give them an overall majority this time round. UKIP have been wiped out and Labour, although losing seats, have supplanted them in second place in the Rother ward but remain third to the Lib Dems in the County. 



Photo: ESCC

Image Credits: Rye News library .

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  1. With the tories still in power for ESCC will all those who voted for them or who did not vote stop moaning when things do not get done.


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