Year 10 mocks…. Begin

The exam hall awaits the students, but will there be more students than desks soon?

Now that year 11 have finished their GCSE exams and left Rye College, there have been changes. Year 10 now being top of the school, have responsibility and have their own exams, reports a student.

As the year 10 mocks begin, the form tutors change to maths and English, to give support and help with revision. With extra homework, revision booklets and assemblies for preparation, stress piles on. Maths being the first mock, the teachers get students to focus as they go over and recite previous lessons and explain the rules and regulations.

As the list of rules are explained, the teachers conduct the exams as if they were GCSEs to give the students experience of exam conditions. Black pens only, silence from entrance until exit and bags (often containing mobile phones) are to be placed in another room.

The exam room, in the Milligan Theatre Hall, is laid out in rows and numbers, with each student designated their place. In the hall, students file in and sit in their assigned seats with exam papers on the table, as the rules are explained and the timer begins.

While sitting the mocks the only sound is heavy breathing, pens tapping, chairs scraping and coughs or sneezes jolting through the silence. The room is a stressful, anxiety-filled atmosphere.

Next year, however, the real thing!

Image Credits: Axa Arcadia .


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