Object at Fairlight housing appeal

Illustrative site layout from planning application documents

Please act now and send a new objection by March 25, 2022

The appeal by the developer is now in process against Rother District Council’s (RDC) unanimous rejection of permission for “The housing estate on Wakeham’s Farm, Fairlight” .

Everybody’s previous objections that are on RDC website will be passed to the inspector, Graham Chamberlain, who will read them all and doubtless be impressed by the content and number.

Nevertheless, from my experience of winning a five-day ‘called-in’ planning inquiry in Warwickshire, it is crucial to not only provide the inspector with the technical planning arguments to reject the appeal, but also to impress him with the depth, the seriousness and amount of feeling in the local community.

Please send a new objection before Friday, March 25 – see below how to do this.

It is the number of objections that he receives that is important, not their length, and that he feels your emotion. Quote reference: 3283287 and give your name and address.

The unsustainable, dense, two-storey housing estate will be

  1. Severed from the village and likely result in a harmful ‘us & them’;
  2. Put at risk an already over-stretched sewage and drainage system;
  3. Be out of character & harmful to the scenic beauty of the AONB, with the 300 vehicle movements per day along the access road sticking out like a sore thumb.

The circuitous pedestrian link to the village will be dangerous and urbanise Pett Level Road. The fact your property will lose value is not a legally acceptable reason as an objection.

If you wish to remind yourself of all the issues it is worth watching the two hour video of the Rother planning committee, where our councillors brilliantly devastated the developer’s case. Go to youtube.com put in ‘rother district council planning committee’ and then scroll down to March 11 and move your cursor along to 3 hours 55 minutes.

The inspector will visit the site from around the end of April and they don’t like being lobbied and we want him on our side. They do, though, welcome being invited to view the site from important objectors’ properties, so do offer him a visit, if relevant, in your objection.

To email the inspector use: east1@planninginspectorate.gov.uk

Post to: For the attention of case officer Jacky Parsons, The Planning Inspectorate, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol, BS1 6PN. Her number is 0303 444 5477

Or use the inspectorate’s portal: https://acp.planninginspectorate.gov.uk.

Appeal documents can be found at http://planweb01.rother.gov.uk/OcellaWeb/appealSearch, click ‘Fairlight’ under the parish box and click on 2778 and then ‘View documents’.

Image Credits: Rother Planning Portal / ECE Architecture .


  1. As a resident in Fairlight Gardens I strongly object to the planning application to build on the land opposite Wakehams Farm


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