Sorting office mystery

The real opening times

Some months ago I had occasion to collect a parcel from the sorting office. Although there is a notice supposedly displaying opening times, in fact it doesn’t, but after spending some time online and a long time waiting on the end of a phone, I was told what these times were and in due course I was able to collect my parcel. I was also told by the person on the phone and the person in the sorting office that a new notice with opening times would be displayed. Consequently, I didn’t keep my note of the actual opening times.

This afternoon, when I went down hoping I had remembered correctly, it was closed. However, the post office clerk in Jempson’s was able to give me a list of the times. Tomorrow morning I shall try again. I will even take them a poster I have made for them to put up for the benefit of others, and expect them to agree it is very rough and they will do a better one of their own. As I am still waiting for the last one promised to be displayed, your readers might like to note the opening times in case it doesn’t happen.

Update (15 October)

A new notice has been put up:

Updated notice

Image Credits: Sandra Lanigan .


  1. PS. I was not allowed to put my notice up because of… did you guess? …..Health and Safety, but I am pleased to report that a new notice has been put up. The good news is that it is also open on Wednesday mornings from 8:00 – 10:00. The bad news is that it is likely that the next time it rains, the opening times will, as before, disappear again.


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