Absence of road sense


We’re frequent walkers in this our home county. Along our coast, around villages, through meadows and valleys. We try to keep off-road following well designated pathways but occasionally we’re obliged to hug a path as traffic speeds by. But there are paths and paths. Some aren’t paths at all. Like one I wish to complain of. It’s a steep climb up the A259 from the lower reach of Tanyard Lane, Winchelsea. But there’s something especially nasty about Ferry Hill for pedestrians: the path, which looks to have been built in recent times, is so overgrown with weeds, bramble and ivy that you can’t walk it. The solution: watch your back – and your front – and walk on-road. Winchelsea this is lamentable. You spent money, or someone did, to build this path and now it’s gone because you’re too mean to maintain it. A stain we think on the image you might have of yourself. Currently, this path is a waste of money. And a waste of space.
A Nunn
High Street, Rye

Photo: Tony Nunn