Looking for John Honeysett


Were you born and raised in Rye? Do you have older family and friends who can remember the 1930s and 40s in Rye? We need to find people who have memories and hopefully photographs which would help someone in need.

John William Honeysett was born in Rye in 1935 and lived in a house called “Wee Nestie”, at 4 Fishmarket Road (see above). John is now suffering from dementia and his daughter is looking for images of his childhood to help him going forward.

John’s father was Leslie Honeysett who had a carpentry business (“Honeysett and Small”) based in South Undercliff. Leslie worked on the quarterboys in St Mary’s church and his symbol was three fishes. John went to school in Rye and lived in the town until around 1950 when after a spell in the Army Cadets, he joined the Royal Engineers. He was a choirboy and played table tennis.

Please ask around your friends of a similar vintage to John and lets see if we can find some happy memories to pass back to John. You can contact us at info@ryenews.org.uk.




Photo : Honeysett family

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  1. Thank you for carrying this story. As the caregiver for a person with dementia I know what a help pictures are. Perhaps this story will motivate other caregivers to do similar projects.


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