Wittersham to Monte Carlo


Monte Carlo Madness is something you may not of heard of so what is it all about and what has the Swan in Wittersham got to do with Monte Carlo?

This aptly named charitable fund-raising event is all in aid of the Martha Trust, a charity providing inclusive lifelong care for people with profound physical and learning difficulties.

Each year a destination is chosen, and the intrepid teams set off and raise much needed funds for this special charity, Monte Carlo is this year’s destination. Their challenge is to secure a car costing no more than £200, it must be roadworthy with a current MOT as well as being taxed and insured.

The route

Martha Trust organises the channel crossing, accommodation and flight home and in return the teams are asked to pledge £1,500 to help transform the lives of people with profound disabilities.

Nurse and patient enjoying the moment.

Wittersham based dynamic duo “That’s Andy” comprises of Andy Barkel (of Korkers sausage fame) and Andy Sills who are finally setting off after two years (delayed due to Covid) and starting their challenge on Friday, September 16 with a celebratory farewell from their local pub.

You are invited to join them and enjoy the send-off at the Swan Pub, Wittersham and raise a glass with them as they start their journey. Enjoy a drink and a Korkers hotdog and take the opportunity to leave your signature on the car they will be using for the trip.

Andy Sills and Any Barkel (right) with ‘the’ car.

The launch is being hosted thanks to the generosity of publicans Georgia and Kevin at the Swan. The cooking of the hotdogs will be starting around about 5:30pm / 6pm, so do come along and enjoy the evening with them all and, please tell your friends about Martha Trust, it’s a great charity and worthy of your support.

Image Credits: Nick Forman , Martha Trust , Andy Barkel .

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  1. Thank goodness The Swan is now looking like a proper pub again and not a burger bar, which I was very sorry to see a while ago. I grew up in Wittersham and lived in Lloyds Green and also around the corner in Poplar Road, although by then I had left home to be a student in London. The Swan was my Dad, Reg Hyde’s local pub and I have memories of spending time on many occasions having a drink in The Swan. When my Dad died in 2007 we held a memorial celebration of his life in The Swan. I will be supporting Martha’s Trust – good luck and good wishes for this great challenge.


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