Open the red door

Jenny Bush at the door

On walking along Cinque Ports street on Sunday afternoon July 7, my attention was caught by an open red door and a sign: Browsers Welcome.

Miniature pictures

Never one to refuse such an invitation, I went into the tiny gallery space, to find an exhibition of small things, by artist Jenny Bush, who does indeed have an “Eye for Detail” as she has called her show.

Jenny is a professional heraldic artist, and some of this work was on show, too, but my attention was attracted to the miniatures painted on a variety of different sized and coloured pebbles, and miniature pictures. Jenny told me that she paints flora and fauna and the miniature paintings, working from her home in Rye, as an additional artistic interest.

Pebble paintings

She was putting on the exhibition to get experience and feedback to turn to good use in the future.

The exhibition is open until July 15, so hurry if you want to catch it! To contact Jenny, who usually works on a commission basis, her email address is: and the show itself is in the Red Door Alchemist Gallery at 58, Cinque Ports Street.


Image Credits: Courtesy Jenny Bush .


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