The impassable Coast Path

Former Tramway path via Rye Golf Club

Last week we published an article on the fact that the Coast Path between Eastbourne and Camber will not pass through Rye. The two main reasons given by Natural England, the organisation behind the Coast Path, was because of the dangerous A259 and Rye Harbour Road junction on one side of the river Rother and opposition from Rye Golf Club on the other side of the Rother.

We have received responses from both Councillor Keith Glazier, leader of East Sussex County Council (ESCC), who believes the junction is safe, and is Rye’s representative on the Council, and Rye Golf Club who think another route would be better – and not affect the golf.

The responses from both have been published in separate stories within this week’s edition of Rye News.

In addition, we have received a response from ESCC regarding a missing piece of the Rights of Way path along the River Rother that would allow walkers to avoid the golf course altogether, which has also been published separately from this story.

It is worth reiterating that the proposed Coast Path would be classed as a National Trail when it is completed around England. Funding for its creation and future maintenance would be coming direct from central government and not ESCC, who have the responsibility for maintaining other Rights of Way across East Sussex.

Over the last decade we have heard repeatedly from ESCC that it has no money to deliver additional services beyond those they have a statutory duty to deliver. Yet all ESCC is being asked to do is tackle a dangerous junction which in turn would bring in external investment as well as additional visitors who would help boost the local economy.

You can still send your comments to Natural England on its proposals for a national coastal path here.

Image Credits: Kevin McCarthy .


  1. I have walked from eastbourne to camber and walked down to rye from the coast and back up to camber I see no problem with this.

  2. Walk from Eastbourne to Camber.?! Sød that.
    Why not build a bridge over the harbour near the harbour master. If we could build bridges for the year 2000 to celebrate someone we don’t believe in anymore then surely a swing bridge or drawbridge could be built to improve commerce and accessibility.
    Just an idea.

  3. Many years ago I took part in a sponsored walk for Christian aid week. We all walked from the Salts in Rye through town round South undercliffe and down the harbour road along the coastline to dogs hill at Winchelsea and then back up the same route to the salts. We then walked out to Camber throught the fields past the quarry and down the very road you have pictured above past the harbour master’s officer and then along the coast to the old coast guard cottages at Jurys gap and return. I cannot see the problem here. People have been walking this route for years. The only reason there is now an issue, is because the powers that be have become involved this has been going on for years….safely

  4. Times may have changed from many years ago, and yes it took a tragic accident to get a footpath,and cycle path down on the harbour road, but Natural England say,as a lot of others including myself, improvements must be made at the junction at the top of the harbour road, or will the “powers that be”,just dismiss it, until another tragedy happens.


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