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A sign along the Tramway path

In this week’s edition of Rye News we are publishing a series of linked articles regarding the proposed Coast Path around England that will not be coming through Rye.

Following an article last week on the break in the national coast path at Rye, and where Natural England claimed Rye Golf Club objected to the Coast Path running along the old Tramway path, we publish a response from the golf club.

Rye Golf Club say they support the idea of a continuous path around England but feel there are other options, such as the Sustrans path to Camber, which would divert walkers around the golf club and so won’t disturb play. But what this solution doesn’t address are the two rights of way that already exist that run right across the golf course and that the general public have the right to use – and potentially disturb play.

Rye Golf Club said, “To answer your questions I must first say that we are reviewing our option to rebut a suggestion from England Coastal Pathway (ECP) and Natural England to install a Coastal Pathway through and across the golf course and our land.

New people counters on the path to Camber Sands

“We installed people counters to enable some fact finding in light of the ECP desire to put the path along the “permissive pathway” that runs from the tramshed to the back of the 12th tee adjacent to Gorse Cottage.

“There is a strong likelihood that any such imposing of the pathway across our golf course would result in a significant increase in footfall which in turn could seriously impact the ability to retain a number of golf holes because of health and safety. We continue to reserve the right to review the use of the permissive pathways.

“The East Sussex pathway have recently reinstalled a kissing gate adjacent to the tramshed after we had a number of cyclists riding across the course.

ESCC right of way over the golf course

“And I would just like to add to the answers I gave to your original specific questions. The Club has no issue with Natural England’s aspiration to achieve a continuous coastal path around England. We see the potential benefit of this project to the general public, including the Rye community and visitors to Rye.

“Our only issue is the route of the proposed path, which must somehow circumnavigate the Rother estuary.

“The indications are that, when it is possible to achieve a safe crossing in the town of Rye, Natural England will designate a route that follows the Club’s permissive path beside the estuary and across part of the golf course. This would have the unfortunate consequence of bringing into conflict one form of recreation with another.

“We have put it to Natural England that a better solution would be for the path to follow the existing Sustrans route for cycling and walking between Camber Sands and Rye. The Club hopes that the Rye community will support the club’s preference for such a route.”

Image Credits: Kevin McCarthy .


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