Alas, pipes burst, Yorick lives

“Alas, poor Yorick!” Hamlet, the  Prince of Denmark, would have meditated (over the court jester’s skull) in the Rye Creative Centre’s (RCC) theatre last week, but snow – and then burst pipes – resulted in all the performances being cancelled.
The first cancellation came when snow prevented all the cast getting to the theatre, and the second followed when RCC’s pipes burst, mains water had to be turned off and the building closed to the public.
However, Hamlet has now been re-scheduled for March 10 at 7:30pm at Rye Creative Centre for one night only
Hamlet is the launch project of new local theatre company Theatre Nation – the production team behind Paris Snow Musical (Kino-Teatr, March 2017).
Emily Carding plays the Prince. A renowned Shakespearean performer, her extraordinary one-woman Richard III has toured nationally and internationally to great acclaim. She recently moved to St Leonards, and on seeing her performance in Richard III in Rye, director Patrick Kealey instantaneously cast her as Hamlet.
Hastings, St Leonards and surrounding areas are rife with professional theatre talent. Theatre Nation was created to channel this talent to produce professional, high quality, local theatre. Partly a means to develop theatre infrastructure, partly a move to create a long-term theatre ensemble, partly a drive to encourage ambition & arts accessibility: Theatre Nation decided that Hamlet was the perfect place to start.

Poster: Theatre Nation


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