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On Tuesday, September 26 the Bedford Arms was rocking. Legendary musicians got together to offer an amazing jam. Legendary because they had famous status in the past and felt it was time to have fun playing again. The eclectic audience were partly Bedford supporters and individuals who had heard about it from musicians in another Rye pub. One of them, who also played the guitar, particularly stood out with an amazing voice, Gina Cassissa who lives in Hastings but plays wherever she is asked to perform, which is soon again in Rye.

Gina says that she has been playing and singing since the age of five, now fifty. “Music is my love, my joy, my therapy and if I can share that with others and bring to them the same happiness that I get, then that’s a bonus.”

Gina is mostly known for being the front ‘lady’ of the ska / punk band Cushty which has been around for 17 years. She at times, plays the fool and jumps around – “It’s just pure joy.” She has recently found a love for singing solo in care homes, playing her favourite 50s and 60s songs and hopes to do more appearances in bars and diners and private parties.

She is a lover of soul music, harmonies and recently has had the privilege of joining  Gail Edmunds’ band and becoming the guitarist for The Hippie Soul Sound playing her beautiful original songs she so loves. Gina has also got together with Stewart Tayler, putting together some classy covers but “with banter which has people in fits of laughter”.

Having met her partner, who describes himself as a “humble song writer”, they have created a four piece band R.A.G.Z. developing his music in the style of Americana, country and blues that is not heard much locally. An album is on the cards soon, to promote the genre into the music scene.

Rye dates with Gina at the Crown Inn on Ferry Road (TN31 7DJ include:
Duo Kitten  October 15, 6:30pm
The Hippy Soul Sound  November 3, 8:30pm
R.A.G.Z. November 5, 6:30pm
Cushty  November 17, 8:30pm

Want to hear an amazing voice and sound?  Join her on one of the dates, if not more.

Image Credits: Heidi Foster .

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