RNLI’s bright start

Two new recruits taking assessments with Dave Needham, RNLI Trainer and assessor

54 training modules have been assessed and passed so far this month with more to follow. The buzz in the station has been palpable and everyone has been keen to take their assessment with Dave Needham and Dean Miller; and thrilled for each other as the results have been announced: pass, pass and pass. Izzy Sharpe gained the RADAR module (also George Clark) and has completed her crew plan.

She is now a fully competent boat-crew member – congratulations! Izzy Bolton, (must be something in the name) passed all her modules to complete her shore-crew plan so the next step now is to start her training to become fully qualified boat-crew.

These are exciting times for the station at the moment with so many people gaining passes in their assessments. Paul Bolton the lifeboat operations manager commented, “The dedication and commitment shown by the members of the team at Rye Harbour is tremendous and it makes me so proud to be in charge of such a team. Indeed, it is a team effort with everyone helping each other learn new modules and encouraging each other along the way.” Congratulations to all who passed tonight: brilliant results after lots of hard work.

Image Credits: Kt Bruce .


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