Rye Castle Museum virtual AGM

Museum AGM notice

What a year it has been!

Despite everything that has happened in 2020, the Museum was still expected to hold an Annual General Meeting. We considered a physical AGM, but many factors argued against it.

Instead, we decided to hold the AGM via the teleconferencing programme Zoom.

Therefore, Rye Castle Museum AGM was held on Thursday September 24 as a “virtual”  meeting. Twenty members logged on to listen to chairman Jo Kirkham read the report of the Museum’s undertaking for the year April 5 2020.

All members had received a copy of the report and financial statement, mostly sent via email and a few postal copies were sent to those members not online. The current directors were re-elected en bloc and Jo thanked them for their continuing support, along with the Museum stewards and office staff. The paid members of staff are currently on furlough.

It has been a very difficult decision not to open up the Ypres Castle Museum and East Street Museum to visitors during the current Covid-19 crisis. This is mainly due to the limited space inside the Ypres Tower, as it would be difficult to maintain a safe distance, operate a one way system and keep areas clean. The East Street Museum,  a free to enter museum, would not be economically viable to open under the present circumstances. These measures are being evaluated each month by the Directors who meet via Zoom.

Jo read the report and highlighted the events that had happened in the previous year. Sheila Maddock (treasurer) asked if there were any queries regarding the financial statement – there were none.

The new office and study room has been completed and is just awaiting final snagging fixes. When this is finally ready, hopefully pictures will be taken and circulated, ready for its intended use once the virus situation has passed and it is safe to open.

The only question at the end of the meeting under any other business was about the furloughing of staff. This could not be discussed at the AGM but the Directors had held an extra Directors’ meeting to talk about this and re opening of the museum and again this will be discussed in October.

Obviously the Museum’s usual social and fundraising events had to be cancelled since April.

Thanks go to Sarah Cooper for setting up the Zoom meeting and advising members how it all works.

It was such a pity that our customary glass of wine and social chat at the end of the AGM could not happen!

If you have any queries regarding the museum, please visit the website www.ryemuseum.co.uk where you will find details of contacting the museum and find the latest news.

Image Credits: Sarah Cooper Rye Castle Museum .


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