Toad in the Hole, but not as we know it

The upcycled Toad in the Hole, as modelled by Waterworks very own, Eddie Roder.

For a change we’re looking at a different kind of sport this week, one that anyone can take part in with minimal outlay

If you go down to the Waterworks today you are sure of a big surprise for not only is it Rye’s only award winning micropub, not only is it in the 2020 Good Beer Guide, it seems there is also a compendium of traditional old fashioned pub games and competitive leagues on offer too.

Crib is a fascinating game and one of the locals, Tim Morgan has hand crafted a beautiful crib bowl which adorns the Waterworks bar, ingeniously designed with space for the pegs around the perimeter and in the centre, room for your crisps and nuts (patent pending!!). There is a fiercely competitive but light hearted atmosphere when there is a league game in progress but all are welcome to have a go, or just stand and watch and sample the real ale instead.

Beautifully crafted crib ‘bowls’ hand made by local, Tim Morgan.

Tim is not only a highly skilled craftsman he is also lateral thinking and has turned his skills to converting a piece of old furniture into a really ingenious game for all to enjoy. Upcycling at its best.

But why the headline Toad in the Hole I hear you cry? Well, this piece of unloved and unwanted furniture has had a hole drilled in it, the top has been coated with a thick layer of lead and the trick is to ‘toss’ a number of heavy brass ‘coins’ from a distance with the intention of getting the discs into the hole, sounds easy? It is with a lot of practice but a great team sport and a wonderful opportunity which everyone can enjoy, regardless of ability, age or level of fitness.

It’s so nice to find a ‘sport’ which is accessible to everyone, no expensive trainers or kit to buy, nobody takes it too seriously and everyone can have a good time without breaking the bank, what more could you want?

So, if you fancy some exercise, walk down to Waterworks on Tower Street, talk to David, Ullah or Eddie and if you ask ever so nicely I’m sure they will be delighted to show you the crib boards and give you a taste of Toad in the Hole.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .