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For some riders, biking can be therapeutic, her smile says it all.

In my last article, Motorbikes, decibels and locals, I wrote that I had been told that professional roadside photographers (who you sometimes see on the road from Rye to Camber) actively encourage motorcyclists to ride faster or ride low to the ground around corners to get a better action photograph. This to me seemed irresponsible, if it were true and in order to get their take on things I made contact with Biker Pics, the company best known in this region, asking them for a statement, which they duly did and which reads as follows:

“As the leading company in the roadside photography niche, our customers’ and the general public’s health and well being are paramount to us. We are ‘actively discouraging dangerous riding’ (these are the words of a police officer), we will not shoot knee downs or wheelies, and this policy is shared in each and every event on our Facebook page as well as on our website. (See here: )

“Furthermore, we do not normally have more than one shooting at the same location in a month.

“However, some other companies and individuals might have different standards – but we cannot take responsibility for their actions for obvious reasons.

“The majority of weekend riders do not want to race around disturbing residents and just love the freedom and enjoyment that a bike can give them. In this busy and sometimes challenging world, an hour or two on a motorcycle can have massive benefits to your wellbeing and mental health.

“But don’t just take it from us, this was sent in by Katy, a recent customer of ours who agreed to include her name and photograph”:

“These wonderful photographers captured me smiling on the bike … some people might think “ahh she’s just smiling because she’s an idiot motorcyclist or enjoys the speed”. No, the truth is my dad nearly died of a huge heart attack, sadly I saw him have a cardiac arrest, then in a coma for three months. I suffer greatly with PTSD and anxiety, some days I can barely motivate myself to go to work, smile or even get dressed. Then there’s my bike.

“I bought a bike (a hobby) after the horrific experience I went through, it gives me a sense of freedom and I don’t think about the horrible images that run through my mind daily which nearly caused me to hospitalise myself. This photo means the world to me because we were going no more than 20mph around a nasty bend and may I add that this smile is a smile that no one can capture from me lately but these guys did and it means a lot to me, to see me smiling again…”

Kind regards,
Diane and the BikerPics Team

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Image Credits: BikerPics Ltd .


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