Heading for extinction?

Mike Pepler on Waterloo Bridge just after giving a radio interview

Extinction Rebellion (XR), the international climate change action movement which occupied central London in April, has formed a local group in Rye, and will be hosting a hard-hitting presentation on the current climate change situation and what you can do about it.

The event will be held at The George on the High Street in Rye on Monday July 15, from 7pm to 9:15pm. Entry is free but tickets should be booked online here.

Mike Pepler, co-ordinator for XR Rye, said: “The clock is ticking for the planet and our society. Climate change and the loss of biodiversity are not proceeding to our agenda, they are setting the deadlines and we need to choose whether we will try to meet them. We should of course take personal action to reduce our environmental impact, but I’ve been doing this myself for over a decade and now realise that it will never be enough on its own – wholesale system change is needed too.

“XR has already demonstrated it can influence national and local government policy, and as more people join daily the potential of what can be achieved grows. If you’re interested to learn more about the predicament we find ourselves in and how you can respond then we’d love to see you at The George on July 15 at 7pm.”

XR Rye was founded in April 2019, and its members have already met with Amber Rudd, undertaken training offered by Extinction Rebellion UK and have joined in with action in London, Hastings and elsewhere. It can be contacted through its Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/XRRye/ or by email at xr-rye@protonmail.com

Image Credits: Mike Pepler .


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